Optimized solution for the best working environment For Office

Places where more comfort means more productivity

People spend a lot of time in offices. Maintaining a comfortable environment with proper cooling and heating can really help to improve productivity.
The WindFree™ air conditioner creates still air that cools an office gently and quietly without the unpleasant feeling of cold wind on your skin. It also consumes much less energy than normal cooling, so the operating costs are reduced significantly.

Places that need maximum comfort for minimum cost

In places that are often unoccupied, such as conference rooms and school classrooms, the air conditioning system is frequently turned on and off to save energy.
With an optional Motion Detect Sensor (MDS), the WindFree™ air conditioner proactively saves energy, while always ensuring a comfortable environment. It senses if there’s no movement after 30 minutes and switches to WindFree™ mode to save energy, before entering standby after 60 minutes*. If it detects any activity it returns to normal. This 2-step operation switching can reduce energy consumption by up to 52%

Specially designed to fit in effortlessly and cool long areas effectively.

Ensure a consistently comfortable environment even if space is restricted. The compact design of the Samsung 2Way Cassette air conditioner is ideal for long and narrow areas, like corridors.
It uses 26% less space* than a Samsung 4Way Cassette and is easier to install and maintain. With two motors and two fans it powerfully distributes cool or warm air throughout a large area, even if it is long and wide. And the Auto Surround Swing system ensures an even temperature from corner to corner.


DVM Wind Free 4 Way, IDU

DVM Wind Free 1 Way

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