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Discover a wide choice of indoor units, ranging from sleek and modern designs to energy-efficient options, ensuring comfort and style for any living space.”





Universal Outdoor Unit
The Samsung CAC Single features a universal outdoor unit with various capacities, which supports all types of Samsung indoor unit, including the innovative Wind-Free™ air conditioners and 360 Cassette, as well as Ducted, Wall-mounted or Console type air conditioners.
This wide selection of indoor units ensures that they provide the perfect level of comfort to suit your particular taste and room conditions.


DVM, Wind-free,4-way, IDU



The new DVM S2 is the next generation of Samsung’s Digital
Variable Multi (DVM) S platform. It is equipped with innovative
technology components that result in delivering greater energy
efficiency than the previous range.


High Energy Efficiency
The DVM Chiller’s advanced technology delivers a consistently higher performance and reduces wasted energy. Its highly efficient BLDC inverter compressor with Flash Injection technology is more durable and performs more reliably, especially in cold conditions.
An innovative Evaporative Condenser delivers superior energy efficiency. Its Digital Inverter technology also provides an enhanced ‘partial load efficiency’ by automatically adjusting its performance to match the cooling demand.

Air to Water Heating

Easy installation for maximum convenience

EHS Mono
The Samsung EHS Mono’s outdoor unit includes the hydraulic parts that provide hot water. It requires a water pipe that is connected to an internal Tank Integrated Hydro Unit. However, if you don’t use a Tank Integrated Hydro Unit, it only needs a Water Tank and a Control Kit, so it can be easily installed using less indoor space.





Drive energy savings with enhanced ventilation and unparalleled heat exchange

Drive energy savings with enhanced ventilation
and unparalleled heat exchange

The ERV indoor unit delivers exceptional cooling and heating all year round with a 2-way Ventilation Design. It has air inlets and outlets on both sides of the unit that provide superior ventilation efficiency. And its heat exchange area transfers heat energy while preventing the discharged contaminants from re-entering indoors, recovering up to 70% of the energy* needed to cool or heat the rooms. So its efficient heat recovery maintains the indoor temperature during the winter, and prevents outdoor heat and moisture from entering indoors during the summer.


The Samsung Gateways DMS 2.5 (Data Management Server) or Open Protocols (BACnet, Lonworks) enables you to manage a network of up to 256 indoor units and automatically control your climate systems including a group of buildings with S-NET 3. The Internet-based system supports flexible, complete control of a wide variety of applications




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