In today’s competitive global market, your brand is everything. Stand out from the crowd, make the impressions you desire and appeal to your target audience. From consultation and content creation to installation, monitoring and maintenance, Yexis Electronics offers a comprehensive suite of advertising and retail technology integration solutions to help push your brand to the top!

Retail Branding

Engage clients in the retail experience with our proven content, deployment and monitoring strategies.

Advertising Networks

From strategy and content to deployment and monitoring, our expertise will maximize your ad revenue.

AR in Jewelllery Shops

AR technology, customers can see how different jewelry designs, sizes, and styles look on them, enhancing the decision-making process and providing an immersive and interactive shopping experience.


AV industry leverage audiovisual technology to create captivating and engaging environments for shoppers through digital signage, interactive displays, and immersive multimedia experiences.

Bar & Resturant

It utilize audiovisual technology to create vibrant atmospheres with dynamic lighting, large displays for sports events, and background music systems.

QSR / Digital Menus

Create high-quality experiences for your clients while reducing your management costs with our comprehensive solutions.
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