Real Estate

Commercial real estate (CRE) serves as a critical asset class for aviation (AV) industries, providing spaces for airports, hangars, logistics centers, and maintenance facilities.

CRE investments in AV industries offer long-term revenue streams through leasing agreements and rental income.

Digital Signage and Kiosks

Inform and direct your guests with signs and kiosks that can provide guidance, offer contact information or be paired with exhibits and special event displays

LED Displays & Video Walls

Showcase your brand and engage visitors through LED displays and video walls sharing engaging content that communicates with seamless video, imagery and live feeds

Collaborative Spaces

Maximize the value of your client’s meeting spaces with intuitive collaboration, easy-to-use room scheduling and flawless audio and video systems for both in-room and remote participants.

CCTV Control Room

Surveillance cameras, real-time monitoring, secure control rooms, video analytics, incident response, access control systems, perimeter security, centralized monitoring, emergency management.

Apartment Televisions

In-room televisions, smart TVs, interactive content, streaming services, personalized guest experiences, digital signage, information displays, entertainment options, connectivity solutions, integrated technology.

Club House

Luxurious clubhouse amenities, fitness facilities, social gathering spaces, recreational activities, swimming pools, spa services, dining options, entertainment venues, concierge services, exclusive member benefits.
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