Our award-winning team understands the real-world application of technology, which informs each client engagement from consulting and design to construction, service and management. Our solutions and services enable clients to achieve the highest performance levels and exceed their business objective.


Studios and Production

From small insert studios to large sound stages, we design-build solutions to deliver live or for post-production.

Post Production

Post production studios in media and entertainment

Performance Technology

Integrating digital methods and tools for the next-generation of performance & theatrical spaces.

Traditional & OTT Delivery Platforms

Design and create immersive learning experiences through digital studios, control rooms and collaborative theaters enhanced with AV monitoring, control and recording functions and multimedia distribution.

Sports Stadium

Sports stadiums in the AV industry integrate advanced audiovisual systems to enhance the spectator experience with high-definition displays, surround sound, and real-time instant replays.

Media Workflow

Systematic process of capturing, editing, organizing, and distributing audiovisual content across various platforms and channels.

Cinemas Multiplex

Cinema multiples in the AV industry refer to theaters with multiple screens, each equipped with advanced audiovisual technology to provide immersive movie-watching experiences.

Theatre Ticketing

Use of digital platforms and systems for convenient and efficient ticket purchasing, seat selection, and audience management.
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