Create a 4-star experience for your guests with a modern technology strategy designed to enhance the guest experience and simplify your operations. Yexis delivers comprehensive hospitality audio visual solutions including in-room entertainment systems, guest portfolio platforms and digital signage, as well as satellite TV programming for rooms and public spaces to set you apart from the competition.

Conferences & Event Spaces

From plug-and-play meeting rooms to event spaces with expansive capabilities, we are a full-service provider of audio visual solutions

Guest Rooms & Fitness Centre

Reduce your management costs and create high-quality experiences for guests with our comprehensive security, AV and digital signage solutions.

IPTV & VOD Systems

Utilize our expertise to help assess best fit, install and management of your IPTV and VOD systems and services.

Creative Services

Design and create immersive learning experiences through digital studios, control rooms and collaborative theaters enhanced with AV monitoring, control and recording functions and multimedia distribution.

Ball Rooms & Conferences Rooms

versatile spaces designed for hosting large-scale events, meetings, and presentations with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology.

Creative Designs

Creative designs in the AV industry encompass innovative and visually captivating concepts for stage sets, event backdrops, and multimedia installations
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