Despite the growing challenges facing today’s healthcare organizations, providing excellent patient care remains the core objective. Yexis Electronics partners with health systems, insurers and pharmaceutical providers to deliver interactive video walls, simulation lab systems and video communications to improve patient services while complementing existing infrastructure

Patient Care & Waiting Rooms

Instant communication is possible thanks to whole hospital IPTV systems, customized access control and automated public address and paging systems.

Virtual Care

Provide patients and practitioners with the latest in virtual care and telemedicine technology through remote collaboration support, medical carts and mobile solutions.

Reception & Lobby Spaces

Keep guests and patients informed and organized with digital wayfinding and mass notification systems that include innovative features such as patient status displays and interactive video walls.

Simulation Job

Design and create immersive learning experiences through digital studios, control rooms and collaborative theaters enhanced with AV monitoring, control and recording functions and multimedia distribution.

Operations Theaters

Operations theater in the AV industry is a highly sophisticated and technologically equipped space for producing live events, presentations, and performances.


Provide telemedicine infrastructure to the practioners with a latest high resolution technology
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